Arkansas Mosquito Misting
                              We Are Your Solution To Mosquito Problems
The misting system we sell is automated and constructed of the highest quality components to ensure continued operation that is reliable, dependable and guaranteed. By controlling the adult mosquito population at or near zero, there are not offspring being reproduced.    This is absolutely the most effective type of system on the market.

A holding tank is used to pump timed disbursements of insecticide through drip free nickel plated brass nozzles as a low volume mist, or fog. Installation is performed by an Arkansas Plant Board licensed chemical applicator and scaled in design to the needs of your property and landscape. Our standard components allow for up to 100 nozzles at distances up to 700 feet.


Misting nozzles are connected with UV resistant tubing and strategically placed along eves, fencing, or in risers. Spray times are programmed to be most effective for the control of mosquitoes and to minimize any harm to beneficial insects. Natural botanical insecticides are available and a hand held wireless remote is included to allow for additional treatments.


You will be able to better entertain guests outside on your patio, back yard, or porch. Enjoy the use of your swimming pool or hot tub better during the Summer and mosquito season. Give a call and Quit Getting Bit! 870-329-5296


Our system can be set simply to your desired number and length of misting sprays per day.  Our rotation of chemicals help prevent genetic resistance by the insects of your region.  Not only are they  extremely effective for the control of mosquitoes, but also spiders, flies, water beetles, wasps, bees, ants, ticks, chiggers, and other insects. 

Automatic Misting Systems
Simple and effective automated operation. Guaranteed results!  Better protect yourself, family, and friends.

1 year full warranty

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