Arkansas Mosquito Misting
                              We Are Your Solution To Mosquito Problems
Is it safe? 
Pyrethrins, made from extracting chrysanthemum flowers, are considered the most effective and safe natural insecticide.
Is is costly?
No.  After the initial investment, it costs only pennies per day.
For Horse and Cattle Barns or Swine areas
Keeping you and your horses comfortable during insect season is simpler with effective manual or automatic insect control systems in your barn and waste areas. We offer a complete line of automatic systems to fit any barn or exterior home configuration, as well as insecticide and parts for existing systems.
Our system destroys the adult resident insect population and then maintains that population at or near zero.  If there are no adults to breed there will be no offspring!   This is absolutely the most effective type of system on the market today.
For Party Rentals or Lease
Please call us for more information.  We offer one time treatments.